VCR, VHS and Camcorder Video Tapes

Transferred to digital video in either DVD or USB (MP4) formats.


Transfer all VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, MicroDV video tape formats to MP4 Video Files

Tape Length Qty Per Tape
< 2hrs 1-10 $17.95
< 2hrs 11-20 $16.95
< 2hrs 21-30 $15.95
< 2hrs 31-40 $14.95
< 2hrs 41+ $13.95

Tapes with more than 2hrs footage are charged at $10 per tape additional. Qty discount applies to full quantity of tapes. Analog to digital transfer only. USB’s sold separately.


In addition to your MP4 Video Files, we can also create a DVD copy for you as an optional extra.

DVD & USB Option Price Per Tape
Tapes up to 2hrs $9.95 Additional
Tapes over 2hrs $14.95 Additional

“What wonderful memories, and now they are safe and able to be enjoyed easily.
I copied them on to USB’s for my mum, my sister and brother..
This is a very precious gift, and thank you for providing this great service.

– Linda H.

Super 8, Regular 8 & 16mm Cine Film

Transferred to HD 1080p digital video in MP4 format.

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Super 8, Regular 8 & 16mm Cinefilm Digitisation
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Transfer all Super 8, Regular 8, 16mm Cinefilm to HD 1080p MP4 Video Files

Cinefilm to USB Per 50 feet
8mm, Super 8, 16mm
(Video component only)
$30.00 $15.00 *SALE


Choose to have an optional extra DVD copy at the time of transfer.

Cinefilm to DVD Per 50 feet
Optional Extra DVD Copy
(in addition to USB copy)


Transfer 16mm Cinefilm with Optical Sound & Super 8 Magnetic Sound.

Cinefilm Sound Capture Per 50 feet
16mm / Super 8 Sound
(includes sync with scanned video)

Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm silent transfers are charged at $0.60 $0.30 per foot (which works out at $15.00 per 50 feet). A DVD copy is an optional extra charged at an additional $0.10 per foot (which works out at $5 per 50 feet) at time of scanning only. DVD format is down-scaled to 576p SD. Pricing does not include splicing or complex editing. Direct transfer only. Super 8 Sound is available as an optional extra at $0.20 per foot additional.  USB flash drives sold separately (or supplied by customer at no extra charge).

Minimum charge $20.00 on all transfers.


“As soon as I found your competitor’s site it had something about getting a quote which put me off and then I found your site. It’s well laid out and gives me a good idea of what the cost will be…”
– Andrew G

Photos , Slides & Negatives

Photo Prints, 35mm Slides, 35mm Negatives and Medium Format Negatives


Scan All 2 Inch Mounted Slides to High Resolution JPG Image Files

Whats Included?

Base Pricing Inclusions

  • 3000 & 4800 DPI JPG options
  • Basic Dust & Scratch Reduction
  • Cropping
  • Corrected Orientation
  • Dust removal via cloth, brush & compressed air
  • Formats 110,126,127,35mm, 35mm half slides

Add Enhancement Option (49c per slide additional)

  • All Above
  • Manual Colour Correction
  • Manual Brightness Adjustment
  • Manual Contrast Adjustment
  • Manual Additional Further Dust & Scratch Reduction

High Resolution (3000dpi)

(2″ Mounted)
Qty Per
3000dpi 1-250 79c ea
3000dpi 251 – 500 69c ea
3000dpi 501 – 1000 59c ea
3000dpi 1001+ 49c ea

Pro Resolution (4800dpi)

(2″ Mounted)
Qty Per
4800dpi 1-250 99c ea
4800dpi 251 – 500 89c ea
4800dpi 501 – 1000 79c ea
4800dpi 1001+ 69c ea
  • Bulk scanning service. Slides will be scanned in groups per box, tray or carousel (min 20 per group)
  • Base pricing does not include any enhancement ie. colour, brightness or contrast.
  • Slides will be scanned in no particular order at the base pricing.
  • All Slides are physically removed from any sleeves, boxes or carousels that you supply to us and replaced in no particular order.
  • Minimum charge $20.00 on all image scans.

NOTE: If you would like to have your Slides scanned in an exact specific order AND replaced in the same order as we received them please add 20c per slide.


Loose Photos (up to 8 inch x 10 inch)

$024per scan*
  • 300 DPI JPG
  • Kodak High Speed Scanning Technology
  • Kodak Perfect Touch
  • Dust removal via cloth, brush & compressed air
  • All loose photos from 2″x2″ to 8″x10″ (removed from albums & frames)

Loose Photos (up to 8 inch x 10 inch)

$029per scan*
  • 1200 DPI JPG
  • Kodak High Speed Scanning Technology
  • Kodak Perfect Touch
  • Dust removal via cloth, brush & compressed air
  • All loose photos from 2″x2″ to 8″x10″ (removed from albums & frames)

Loose Photos

  • Pricing is per scan.
  • Photos must be supplied as loose clean (no sticky backs) photos 5cm x 5xm minimum up to A4.
  • No minimum quantity.
  • Photo scans are supplied on USB as high resolution JPG images.
  • If a USB drive is not provided by customer we will supply a 16GB USB drive for an additional $19.95.
  • Minimum charge $20.00 on all image scans.

Photos in Albums and Frames

Photos must be provided removed from albums and frames, smaller than 8″x10″ for the 29c pricing. Photos provided in albums and frames will be scanned at 1.95c per scan. We will remove your photos from your albums and provide back to you in click seal bags per album group. If photos cannot be removed from albums we will scan the entire page at as one scan at $2.95 per page.

Photos Scans required in order or groups

Please note that the above pricing is for bulk photo scanning into un-ordered folders with a minimum of 50 photos per grouping. If you require your photos in a specific order or grouping we can do so for an additional 20c per image. This is due to the additional hands on time required to maintain requested ordering. All images must be clearly numbered.

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