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Digitise to USB or Hard Drive

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from $19.95 $13.95 per tape

  • Watch your family memories again on your Smart TV, PC or MAC

  • Share your memories easily by copying your MP4 files.

  • Edit your videos on your PC or MAC.

  • Preserve your memories by backing up multiple copies easily


Transfer to DVD

Order an optional DVD copy of your digitised home movies.

from $9.95 per Tape additional

  • DVD video disc is a format we all know and trust

  • Watch on any Australian DVD player. International NTSC format also available.

  • Full motion menus & chapter points at 3 minute intervals for easy navigation.

  • Full colour printed DVD label with the DVD contents for easy reference.


“We are thrilled with the care and quality they have taken to digitise this old video
and perpetuate precious memories..”
– Allan P.

Professional Service

Fully Featured Digitisation


We only use the latest in digitisation technologies and video playback to achieve the best possible result


We digitally re-master every videotape at its original recorded resolution so there is no quality loss.


We clean up your footage by removing useless blank, blue, grey or un-watchable sections. Unwanted TV shows are also removed.


Older video tapes can cause  “warped” or “distorted” lines to the video image. Our TBC units correct this for a clean straight video playback.


Each videotape is edited and examined by hand after digitisation. If we notice any video or audio issues we will send the tape back to our technicians to be re-digitised.


Broken tape casings are replaced into new casing. Snapped tape is spliced so as to retrieve your potentially lost footage. (fees apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I see fuzzy lines at the bottom of my video?

    These lines are called “overscan” lines and are a normal part of old VHS video.  Back when we had the old ‘box’ TV sets these overscan lines were hidden from view because the TV would automatically crop the image all the way around. Our modern flat screen TVs display video in a different way called ‘progressive’ which means that we see the whole image without the cropping resulting in the ‘overscan’ lines being visible.

  • Will you check my tapes for duplicate footage?

    No. This is not part of the standard transfer service.

    We will simply digitise all the footage that you provide us. Unfortunately there is no fast or easy way to determine if tapes contain replicated or identical footage. This can only be done by watching all your footage through in realtime and then comparing side by side if sections or the entire tape is duplicate.

    You can request that we check for duplicate footage however please be aware that this process can be more costly to you than simply digitising all your tapes.

  • Is there a fee to have Reelbox check my tapes for Home Movie Footage?

    Yes. When your order arrives it is assumed that you have sent us tapes with footage you would like transferred. Of course no one has a VCR anymore to check them, so it can be difficult to know which tapes have home movie footage on them and which have old episodes of Neighbours or that fav 90s movie taped from the TV.

    We will check your tapes thoroughly for home movie footage, however if we find any tapes that only have TV shows we simply put them to the side with a $5 Tape Checking Fee.

  • Why is your pricing so cheap compared to other companies?

    We have spent the past 15 years developing quality methods of media digitisation.

    We’re pleased to tell you now that these methods have been fine tuned to deliver our customer the best possible digital representation of their media at an affordable cost.

    We believe all Australian’s should have the ability to preserve their family history, regardless of their budget.

  • I have NTSC tapes. Can you digitise them?

    Yes. We can digitise all VHS and camcorder NTSC video tape formats into MP4 video files and PAL DVDs. There is no additional cost for this service.

  • Why is my video a bit jumpy in some places?

    We always do the best we can to provide you with the best transfer result. Unfortunately old video tapes do deteriorate and are sometimes damaged in VCRs over the years. When tape is damaged, this will result in video that can be a bit jumpy and white noise lines begin to appear. Often to the audio can be affected with aged/ damaged video tapes.

  • Do You Transfer Old Recorded TV Shows or Movies?

    By default, we DO NOT transfer any TV shows or movies recorded from the TV on VHS video tapes. We only digitise Home Movie Footage unless you have specifically requested us to digitise a particular Tape(s) that has TV or Movies on it.

  • Do You Edit Anything Out Of My Tapes?

    Yes. We only remove old recorded TV shows & movies, blank or blue sections to provide you with your valued home movie footage only. We never remove or edit out home movie scenes.

  • What If My Tapes Are In Too Poor Condition To Digitise?

    It is very rare that we cannot retrieve any footage from any tape format. In most cases we can rescue damaged footage. If for any reason the tape(s) cannot be played, playback is unwatchable or major issues affecting the audio playback are encountered, we will contact you during the process to inform you of our findings. You then have the option for us to digitise your problem tapes based on our assessment.

  • Do You Use DVD Recorders to Digitise Video Tapes?

    No. Some companies claim that this is the best method to digitise video tapes. This is far from the truth. DVD recorders will produce an obsolete compressed video file format called MPEG2 (inside a .VOB container). The MPEG2 format was developed in the late 90s and has been superseded by a far more efficient format called MP4. Companies providing MP4 files from DVD recorded files are actually re-compressing an already compressed file thus further degrading your digital files. While it is true that DVDs are still using this format today, there are far better methods of digitising your tapes.

    We can boast 15+ Years of experience and expertise digtising hundreds of thousands of video tapes. We only use the highest grade analog to digital interfaces (no cheap usb adapters) to capture a 100% uncompressed video file direct to our computers. We then compress ONCE only to MP4 at a high bitrate to provide you with the best quality digital representation of your old video tapes.

    We wouldn’t be satisfied providing you anything less than the best.

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