Digitise Your Treasured 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Movie Films

What Format Do You Have?

Do you or your family have a box of old Regular 8, Super 8 or 16mm films from the 1950s – 1970s (or even earlier) that have been long forgotten about? Good chance someone in the family does. Don’t let these precious family memories disappear forever.

Regular 8 Silent

from 1936

Super 8 Silent

from 1969

Super 8 Sound

from 1973

16mm Silent

from 1920

16mm Sound

from 1945

Reelbox Video & Photo utilise only the latest in High Definition Cine Film Scanning Technology to revive those decaying films and turn them into a modern HD 1080p MP4 video file format. Generations to come will be able to easily edit, share, watch & preserve those special family memories for all time.

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Super8, Regular 8 & 16mm Cinefilm Digitisation
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Friday 15th Nov 2019

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“Dad at 87 loves to sit, watch and remember all the things we did over the years.. to look back is priceless..
– Christine H.

Scan to HD 1080p MP4 Video (USB)

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$15.00 per 50ft

We use only the latest in cinefilm scanning technologies to professionally scan your 8mm & 16mm film frame by frame into high definition 1080p MP4 files.

  • Watch your family memories again on your Smart TV, PC or MAC

  • Share your memories easily by copying your MP4 files.

  • Edit your videos on your PC or MAC.

  • Preserve your memories by backing up multiple copies easily

Need a DVD Copy?

$5.00 per 50ft additional

As an optional extra, if you simply want to watch your newly digitised memories on your TV in a format that you know and trust, we can provide an additional copy onto a DVD video disc. You can watch on any Australian PAL DVD player.

  • DVD video disc is a format we all know and trust

  • Watch on any Australian DVD player. International NTSC format also available.

  • Full motion menus & chapter points at 3 minute intervals for easy navigation.

  • Full colour printed DVD label with the DVD contents for easy reference.

“Thank you for the great results achieved in converting our aged 8mm film memories to the MP4 Video format.
Some of this material dates back to 1959.. and has brought back long-forgotten memories.”
– Jopie P.

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8mm, Super 8 & 16mm Film 1080p
Film Scanning

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Super8, Regular 8 & 16mm Cinefilm Digitisation
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Friday 15th Nov 2019

FAQ – How Long Will My Order Take?
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*Cine film orders only

We will scan your Regular 8, Super 8 or 16mm film Video Component using the latest in frame by professional film scanning technology direct from the US. By utilising this amazing special, we can guarantee that we are the Cheapest & Best Quality High Definition cinefilm digitisation service in Australia.

Professional Service

Fully Featured Digitisation


We only use the latest in cinefilm scanning technology. In fact, the same equipment used by The Motion Picture Academy in Hollywood.


Each frame is digitally scanned one at a time in HD. Our custom software then joins all the frames together for a smooth playback.


We only scan in 1080p HD because we believe your memories deserve nothing but the best result.


Your films are handled with utmost care and digitised by trained technicians. In fact, we can proudly say we have never lost or damaged a single foot of film.


We believe everyone should be able to afford to save their memories so we guarantee our 8mm & 16mm film digitisation service is by far the best pricing in Australia for true frame by frame scanning.


We have been professionally digitising cinefilm for 15 years and have safely preserved more than 3 million feet of film. Why trust your precious memories with anyone else.

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